New Bidet Battery

Model : Bidet Battery-Powered (BA-17)

Power Consumption: No electric required
With filteration ( clean air)
Luxury and Simplicity Design
Controllable Water Pressure

Price ( Malaysia ) :
• Outright Purchase at RM 1,300.00 ( Cash, Credit Card, Easy Payment 0% interest, up to 36 months @ Cheque )    
• Rental at only RM 40.00/month  ( Cash, Debit Card @ Debit Account )
Note: Outright Purchase, Rental or Installment at =>     0% INTEREST!

GET FREE every 3 months service ( 2 - 5 years free service )
• FREE Filters Change
• FREE Product Sanitation
• FREE Product Check-up
• FREE Parts Change
• Up to 5 years warranty
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FREE TRIAL FOR YOU.. (only Feb 2012 and for 500 customer earlier only)

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Now, you can try out our latest bidet model BA17 for absolutely FREE for 14 days! Once try it, you’ll definitely can’t live without it! So get your free trial unit today!

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