Dolomities (Home Use)

The anti-flu custom filter developed by Coway has been proven to kill 99.99% of H1N1 virus.

This world's first H1N1 filter has been tested and certified by Prof. Sang Heui Seo of the Instute of Influenza Virus, Chungnam National University, Korea. 

The test was carried out in October 2009 using the A/California/04/09 sample (a WHO standard virus for pandemic influenza A H1N1) obtained from the US Disease Control Centre.

Price ( Malaysia ) :
• Outright Purchase at RM 2,300.00 ( Cash, Credit Card, Easy Payment 0% interest, up to 36 months @ Cheque )    
• Rental at only RM 80.00/month  ( Cash, Debit Card @ Debit Account )
Note: Outright Purchase, Rental or Installment at =>     0% INTEREST!

GET FREE every 3 months service ( 2 - 5 years free service )
• FREE Filters Change
• FREE Product Sanitation
• FREE Product Check-up
• FREE Parts Change
• Up to 5 years warranty
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